Happy Veteran’s Day

In Ms. Kim by New Jazz


Let’s take this day to honor our Veterans. We live in a country that helps out everyone. Why not start with our Veterans. They give us all that they have, here and abroad with no questions asked. In return we have the freedom to go and do as we please. Let’s start honoring them . First, let them know we appreciate their service. Secondly, show them by providing them with good healthcare, schooling, and job opportunities so they can live a productive life. Last of all, never let the Veterans wonder if we care or not, show them some kindness, the day off from work with pay, a free dinner, theatre or concert tickets, free car wash, free babysitting for a night, etc. They are the reason you can go about your day as you please.

To all of our Veterans

******Thank You For Your Service******

P.S., A special thank you to my husband



Ms. Kim