Fear Is Only Misguided Faith

In Skinny Giant by Lon

Fear says, “I’m probably not going to make it”. Faith says, “There is no way I cannot make it if I try”. Fear tells you, “There is no use in getting your hopes up because it is too big to happen”. Faith says, “It is not about what you can see, rather what you can believe in”.

Fear is only misguided faith. They are both the belief in something. When you have fear, you believe something bad is going to happen. When you have faith, you believe something good is going to happen. At the core of both is belief. So if this is true, it should be possible and plausible to turn fear into faith. Why are you afraid to try? What do you have to lose? Why can’t something good happen to you? Why does it always have to be like this? Realize that it only takes a second for your life to change. Most will take that in the negative sense, but other will see that as a positive. When most say that you can get into a car accident in a second, other will say that the idea you had for a safer vehicle is about to make you a billionaire. You have everything you need in hand to change your life for the better. But nothing will happen if you are too afraid to try and try and try. The thing that separates success from failure is effort, and nothing else. Fear will get you nowhere; that is a certainty. But with unwavering faith, impossible does not exist.