Success Doesn’t Happen When The Cameras Show Up

In Skinny Giant by Lon

2D6A7C7D00000578-3272774-image-a-66_1444849353205 It doesn’t even happen when you ace the exam. A lot of people wait for those moments, and they don’t ever come. They’re waiting for a miracle to change their situation, and the situation never changes. They’re waiting for the miracle, and then they will start doing what needs to be done because it will be easier then. Success doesn’t happen when things turn around in your life. Success isn’t easy, and I’m sorry if that scares you. Success doesn’t happen when you have the time. Success doesn’t happen when you feel inspired or motivated. Success isn’t waiting for you. Success starts when you change. Success isn’t based on your circumstances. Success is based on your work and your effort. When you start doing all the things that you would do to maintain your success, you will be successful. When you start waking up earlier, working out, working on your project for eight hours, then going back to the gym like you said you would, then you’ll be successful. Success is built day by day. Success is sitting down to study, not passing the test. Success getting to the gym on a consistent basis, not being ripped. Success is continuously working on your craft, not finishing the product. Success is the journey, not the end result. You’re waiting on the house to come before you start working to be able to afford it. Don’t worry about what others got from their parents and what you didn’t get. So what. You can’t wait for the past to change. You have to change. You have to do something different. Life’s not fair and neither is success. Not everyone gets the successful trophy for participating in life. You have to go get it. No one’s handing out success, and it doesn’t have your name on it. But it can all be yours.