Always Be Yourself

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Hey Ladies,

Always be yourself. Stop trying to be like this person or that person. Start where you are, and work with what you have. If you accept who you are, you won’t care how someone else looks or acts. Rock what you have enhancing the qualities that make you up. As your body changes ( and it will change, especially after giving birth and with age) rock the changes, or you will find yourself at the plastic surgeon’s office for the rest of your life. When I was growing up my family always told me, no one was better than I, and I was no better than anyone else, regarding my socioeconomic status, race, looks, color of my skin,  hair, size, height, personality, etc. So consequently, the playing field was even, it was and still is totally up to me what I make of myself, and what you make of yourself. Always be yourself.


Ms. Kim