When Did Difficult Become Impossible

In Skinny Giant by Lon

In life, when pursuing goals, there will always be things in the way. The obstacles add a level of discomfort to the path, making us do things we would not normally do. But these obstacles are never designed to make you quit, rather make you stronger in areas that you normally are not used to exercising. But sometimes, we just want the easy way, so we do not have to feel the discomfort. So we sometimes develop a phobia of anything difficult. If we learn to see the obstacles in a different way, and lose this distaste for the difficult, we can accomplish all of the dreams we have in our head. The biggest opponent in our pursuits of our goals are our minds, because they are always with us, and they never stop. Dare to step out of the designated resting place, or the comfort zone. No one achieves anyone great from there. And know that great people come against great obstacles, but they also hold themselves to a greater standard. The size of your obstacles are a testament to the measure of your potential and what you can achieve. It will hurt for a short time to go up against these trials, but it will hurt for a lifetime to let them get the better of you.