Faith & Pregnant Women

In Skinny Giant by Lon

When a woman suspects that she is pregnant, what does she do. She goes
to the store or wherever, obtains a pregnancy test, and tests herself.
If the results are positive, that means she expects a child. Over the
next couple of months, her stomach will begin to show that she is
expecting, and people will most likely ask her, “Are you expecting?”
She will most likely reply, “Yes, I sure am.”, letting others know
that she believes that she is having a child. Then, in a couple more
months, she finally give birth, and has what she said she was going to
have. Faith is the same way. When we as Christians, begin to believe
God for something, there are steps that we must go through. When we
begin to believe, we must first check to see if our faith is positive.
Do we really believe that God will supply. When we do this, we will in
turn, begin to show signs of belief. We will begin to talk about it,
we will rejoice because we know it is coming (praise comes before the
victory), and we will begin to see ourselves having what we are
believing God for. When this happens, we attract attention to
ourselves. People will ask, “Are you expecting?”, “Are you believeing
God for something?”, and “What are you having?”. At his point, we must
continue to show our faith. We cannot suddenly lose our faith, because
people are asking questions, because people don’t see it, or because
people don’t believe that it will happen. Instead, show them what your
God can do. Keep your faith up, and continue to talk about what you
know in your heart is coming. And after a period of time, after
believing and having faith, we will have what we said we will have.