Prepare For The Best

In Skinny Giant by Lon

We often take the time to make sure that we are covered in case of some misfortune. People make plans for it so that we are no crippled by a bad situation. There is a fear of the worst happening to us, that we sometimes form our mindset around the bad things that could happen to us. While it is wise to make sure that we are able to maintain what we have through a rough time, it is unwise to let your mind slip into the thought process that something bad is always going to happen. Let your mind be free to wonder about the good things that can happen. Allow your eyes to see something better for your future. It is not impossible, nor a stretch of the imagination to see yourself prospering beyond your wildest dreams. Begin to let yourself become comfortable with the thoughts of success and obtaining those dreams in your heart. And just as we make plans and prepare for the bad, let us do the same for the good that WILL come in our lives. We are told by many to prepare for the worst, but let us be the ones to tell ourselves to prepare for the best. In preparing to receive those good things, we activate our faith, and with faith in God, we can do all things. Make plans for success, begin to see it in your mind. And one day, all of that planning and believing will be rewarded. The word “luck” means preparation meeting the opportunity. There is no such thing as luck, just ready, ready to receive.