Get Your House In Order

Hey Ladies,

Get your house in order. I am not literally talking about your house, it is a metaphor. Your house is literally anything that is not in order or out of balance. The following are a few examples:

1.You are having out of town guess at your house and you need to clean up, but you keep stalling.

2.You need to eat healthier, but all you want to eat is junk.

3.You need to exercise at least five days a week for sixty minutes, but you only watch tv when you get home from work.

4.You say you love your wife, but there is no evidence.

5.You say you love God whom you can’t see, but you don’t show love to your brother who you can see.

6.You want to get out of debt, but you continue to spend money you don’t have.

7.You want a better career, but you keep putting off taking the classes you need.

8.You want to stop getting tickets, but you continue to speed.

9.You want people to stay out of your business, but you post everything on social media.

10.You want situations to change, but you are not willing to change.

Whatever situation you find yourself in remember, the change starts and ends with YOU.

Make that change before it is too late!!!!


Ms. Kim