Don’t Fear Your Dream

Many times, our dream is just that because in some instances, we believe it to be near impossible to achieve. It takes something greater than we believe we are able to produce to make it a reality. We don’t see how our current circumstances could yield such a result… But isn’t that why we are striving towards it? Don’t we want the best for ourselves and those around us? That’s the beauty of this life. No matter where we start, it has no control over where we eventually end up. That is left up to us. So don’t be afraid our your destination because of your surroundings. As well, don’t fear the journey. Do not become complacent or routine. If that is not what you are dreaming of, remember that you are still along the journey. So keep moving forward. Along the way to the destination, it is normal to find a routine which allows us some comfort in understanding what can be unpredictable at times. But don’t let your routine keep you from your dream. Don’t hold on to the routine so much so, that you don’t work as hard as you can towards your dream. Remain focused. The thing that you are holding on to the most could be the very thing you need to let go of to make room for your dream. If it’s not getting you closer to the destination, it is weighing you down. It takes an unprecedented amount of courage, strength and focus to accomplish the goal. It’s nothing easy, but it is definitely not impossible. Don’t let that scare you.

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