On The Other Side Of Fear Is Our Future

How many people never even try because they’re afraid that they may fail? The dream seems so large, it seems so impossible, it seems so much bigger than us. Well, ask yourself what is the difference between you Walt Disney… 300 banks.

Before he became Walt Disney, he was that guy with the mouse cartoons going around to all the banks. Before you become all that you were created to be, you are just some nobody with a weird dream. Do not be ashamed of your dream, because it is only weird until you achieve it. Don’t allow other people to cause you to fear your dream. They can’t see it happening because you are the only one with the vision.

You are on the verge something extraordinary, something not normal, something incredible. And you can be afraid, because it rarely ever happens, or you can travel past that fear into your future. Any one of those 300 rejections could have caused Walt Disney to give up his future. But he kept going past the fear, the previous disappointments, rejections, feelings of inadequacy, shortcomings, lack of resources, the criticism, the doubt, and the odds until he met the opportunity that thrust him into his future.

He could have been scared that it would never happen, and given up. Look at what he would have given up on. Likewise, what is in your future that you are giving up on if you don’t keep going. What are you giving up on if you let the fear cause you to quit. You are giving up on your Disneyland. You are giving up on your business that will become an industry leader. Walt Disney might have never became all that he did if bank #55 caused him to say, “I’m not going to another bank for them to just tell me no”. Instead, we know his name, and we have no idea who bank #55 is.

Do not let fear keep you out of your future. There is a vision inside of you that is yours and yours alone. There has never been, is not, and will never be another person like you for a reason. Don’t let anything stop you from becoming the incredible individual you were created to become. Push past the fear to get to the future.

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