‘Normal People’ Is A Love Story To Cherish

By Linda Holmes

It’s a blessing to meet very special people when you’re young and dumb. You’ll get older either way, but without them, without how hard you will try to deserve them, how will you ever get less dumb?

Of course, on the other hand, as you make and probably break your bonds with them, you will still be dumb, and you will still be young. Your odds of making a mistake with them are high. Perhaps that’s why so many of us lose some of those relationships in time. Not the ones that are casual and simple, but the ones with people who break us open in the best ways but also cut themselves on our rough edges and bump their heads on our limitations. The ones where we do the same in return.

Sally Rooney’s 2018 novel, Normal People, is about one of those relationships, the ones where we hurt and we get hurt and we try, perhaps unwisely, to hang on. And Hulu has made a genuinely beautiful 12-part adaptation, all of which is available Wednesday, April 29.