4 Decades Of Seascapes From A Color Photography Innovator

by Catie Dull

In the foreword to Harry Gruyaert’s photography book Edges, sculptor Richard Nonas sums up the work of his good friend.

“Harry Gruyaert ignores the grammar of center and edge, finds the blurred boundaries of overlapping life, the places where one thing has begun to be another thing,” Nonas writes. “He photographs processes, not results. He photographs moments caught in transition.”

Gruyaert was born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1941 to a Catholic family. Though his father was a photographer himself, he disapproved of his son pursuing the career. Nevertheless, Gruyaert felt he hardly had a choice in the matter.

“I never thought about anything else,” Gruyaert said. “I always knew that I wanted to do photography. There was never anything else.”

Gruyaert currently lives in Paris, where he is working on a book about India and another called Irish Summers set in the 1980s. 

You can find Gruyaert on Instagram @harrygruyaert.