celebration of life

A Celebration of Life

Hey Ladies,

This Sunday September 3, 2017 marks 40 years of my mother’s death. She was my best friend. She was the kind of mother that you could talk to everyday about anything, and I did. Her family was her life. She was cool with everyone. She kept up with all the latest styles of clothing. I wore her clothes on several occasions. She was full of life. She loved good music and she was a great dancer. Growing up our house was the house that all the kids came over.

I struggled mentally and physically for many years as a result of her death. I put my feelings aside because I was so hurt. I did not want to live, so there was no reason to seek help. I don’t think this was a good idea, but at the time I did. I am saying all this to say, when something tragic happens to you, seek help immediately for as long as you need it. The  sooner you address your pain the better.

The pain has not gone away, but I have learned to manage it.

God has blessed our family. We have had some set backs but through it all God has always been there. In the midnight hour, God turned our family around in every area of our lives.

Today instead of crying, we celebrate her life and the joy she brought to all of us.


Ms. Kim