Do You Want What You Want Or What You Can Easily Get

If you wanted a two story house, would you buy a one story? Suspend the thought of family needs, finances, prices, etc. and just answer that question. Or if you wanted to be a race car driver, would you learn how to be a sports commentator?

For most, the answer is no. But when we allow family needs, finances, prices, time, patience (or lack there of), etc. into the picture, we begin to want things we really don’t want, buy what we really shouldn’t buy, and worst of all, do things we really shouldn’t do.

Read carefully. Figure out what you want. How are you going to pursue something if there is no objective? Take fitness. People say they want to lose weight. Well, if you say that when you’re thirty years old and lose five pounds when you turn ninety years old, congratulations. Don’t be surprised if you are the same size or bigger at thirty-one though.

Know what you want and be specific. If you want to lose weight, set a specific, tangible goal. Then set a time frame followed by an actionable plan. Then get to work. Don’t be surprised if you meet your goal doing that. If you don’t, all you have to do is adjust the time frame and keep working.

The number one reason people don’t set a goal or quit as soon as they begin working towards the goal is fear of failure. We are afraid to work because we might let someone down, mainly us. But fear cripples us and gives us no chance at all. Separate fear and failure. You can fail at one thing, but I guarantee if you try again, you’ll do better.

Stop trying to be what you are not. If you are human, you are not perfect. We are continual works in progress. And don’t let the athletes or models fool you. There is nothing perfect about us or the world we live in. Failure is a part of life. Quitting, however, is not.

When you buy the one story house when you really wanted the two story, you gave up. You can excuse it with all of the financial and family reasons you want, but you still settle when it came to what you really wanted… if you stay there.

Continue to work through adversity and make that two story house your next house. Don’t quit. Even if it doesn’t happen today, tomorrow holds promise. As long as you are here, goals are a possibility and dreams are a reality. Don’t let “good enough for right now” become “good enough forever”. Get whatever it is that you really want.