magnificent makers

The Creation Of The Magnificent Makers

by Madeline K. Sofia and Rebecca Ramirez

Theanne Griffith has always loved science and literature. But her career has always focused on the science— specifically, neuroscience. She’s now a researcher at the University of California, Davis.

Theanne Griffith is a neuroscientist and author of the children’s book series, The Magnificent Makers.

But during her maternity leave, she felt a renewed urgency to embrace that other passion for books and writing. 

So, she took the natural next steps: change the good ol’ Twitter handle, create a website—plus, of course, write and pitch publishers like mad. 

Until finally, The Magnificent Makers children’s book series was born. 

The books follow two third graders, Violet and Pablo, through science-based adventures. In each book, they are zapped through a magical scientific instrument into an alternate universe, where they complete challenges that test their scientific knowledge. Readers are able to complete exercises along with the pair and at-home experiments are included at the end.

Brain Trouble, the second book in The Magnificent Makers series.

The three books in the series include: How to Test a FriendshipBrain Trouble, and Riding Sound Waves

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