Ms Kim

No More Sad Tears

Today, September 3rd has always been a difficult day for me and my family. You see my mother

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day I hope that all the father’s have a very special day. If your children are small, then you should make it special for your husband the father of your children. In all honesty you should have prepared your gift of love before now. Here are 5 last minute gifts for the procrastinator.

No Stress Fun Filled Day

Hey Ladies,   My husband and I just celebrated another year of living on this earth. We share

Happy Veteran’s Day

Hey Ladies , I was so overwhelmed this weekend. Starting with the Marine Corp Birthday Friday November 10th

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hey Ladies, There are only a few days left in October . As you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. If you have not done so, at least schedule an appointment . Mammograms and self evaluation along with having your doctor examine your breast are the keys to early detection. Schedule your appointment now!

Privacy Is Golden

Hey Ladies, Stop telling your girlfriends your business. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should be doing in your house with your family. Where you should worship and how you discipline your children is your business. How often you clean your house or what you cook for dinner is also your business. The marrow