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Troubled Teen Finds New Direction In Clear-Eyed ‘Bull’

By Scott Tobias “Can’t you just take me to juvie?” There’s a disturbing resignation to the way Kris, a 14-year-old white girl from a run-down Houston suburb, poses the question to a cop who’s picked her up for trashing a neighbor’s house. Her mother is already in jail and her grandmother, dirt poor and overtaxed

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by Bob Mondello Critics are often asked “What’s your favorite movie?” — and most of us have learned to deflect the question. If you see a few hundred films a year, “favorite” is a moving target. Stiil, when pressed, I do have a ready answer: Buster Keaton’s silent, Civil-War comedy The General. The 1926 black and

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‘The Night Clerk’: Hitchcockian Premise, Half-Cocked Execution

by Mark Jenkins Everyday life is a big mystery to Bart, a 23-year-old hotel worker who describes himself