‘Stranger Things’ season finale succeeds by leaning into excess

by Eric Deggans One of the toughest things for an established TV show to do is surprise you.

In ‘Hawkeye,’ an also-ran Avenger becomes a mentor — eventually

by Glenn Weldon In the Marvel series Hawkeye, the stakes are low. Comfortably so. Cozily so, even. The planet isn’t in

A Boy Aims To Save His Mom — And Himself — In ‘The War For Gloria’

by Martha Anne Toll Atticus Lish’s second novel, The War For Gloria, is an ambitious book with a lot to say about family loyalty and love. The War For Gloria follows the author’s impressive debut, Preparation for the Next Life, a heart-wrenching story of love between an Iraq war vet and an undocumented immigrant, both extremely down on

A Disgraced Interrogator Gambles On Redemption In ‘The Card Counter’

by Justin Chang The signature Paul Schrader image is of a lonely middle-aged man nursing a glass of booze and

You Haven’t Read A Heist Novel Like This Before

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In HBO’s ‘Scenes From A Marriage,’ Acting Is Everything

by Linda Holmes It’s fitting that the best promotion for the approaching premiere of HBO’s Scenes From A Marriage was

Ani DiFranco – 32 Flavors

Check out this week’s video featuring Ani DiFranco performing 32 flavors on

Selena’s Legacy Lives On, In ‘Selena: The Series’ And Beyond

by Stephen Thompson and Maria Garcia Selena Quintanilla was known as the “Queen Of Tejano Music,” a major