Why Should Our Children Graduate?

Why should our children graduate from college? They should graduate from college, so there won’t be such an economic gap between college grads and everyone else. College graduates earned on the average 56%  more than high school grads in 2015. The gap widens as the need for more educated and skilled workers are needed.  As parents, it is our job to guide our children while they are in elementary, middle and high school. Encourage them to do their best in school, so they can get scholarships to go to college . If they don’t get a scholarship, they can start at a junior college first completing the mandatory courses. Then transfer to a university for the remaining two years. There are loans and grants your children can apply for,  to help pay for college. Your children can also apply for part-time work on or off campus.  Let’s prepare our children ahead of time, so they can enjoy all of the economic advantages this world has to offer. 

Go graduates Go!  

Class of 2018

Congratulations Alexis Ximara Wilburn – University of San Diego, and Lauryn Reese – San Francisco State University


Ms. Kim