happy father’s day

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

I hope that all the father’s have a very special day. If your children are small, then you should make it special for your husband the father of your children. In all honesty you should have prepared your gift of love before now. Here are 5 last minute gifts for the procrastinator.

1. Cook his favorite meal, set the table complete with linens and candles.

2. Get last minute reservations at his favorite restaurant, take him for a romantic drive along the coast or some beautiful scenery.

3. Let your husband have a lazy day, give him the TV remote, while you treat him like the King he is. No projects, no chores.

4. Give him a massage for 30 min. with relaxing music, wine and chocolates.

5. Take him to the theater and let him choose his favorite movie. Buy all of the snacks he likes without criticizing him. Let him have a cheat day.

Ladies, if you waited to celebrate your husband, just make sure you are prepared next year.
Ms. Kim