happy veteran’s day

Happy Veteran’s Day

Hey Ladies ,

I was so overwhelmed this weekend. Starting with the Marine Corp Birthday Friday November 10th and Veterans Day Saturday November 11th. There was such and outpouring of love and respect for our veterans . Businesses had special deals and discounts just for the veterans, from free meals, free hair cuts, health screenings, 50% off furniture, free dinner and a show at certain Las Vegas Hotels to churches recognizing the veterans and everyday people just going about their day and recognizing the veterans by merely saying Thank You For Your Service. All of this is great, but we need to take care of our veterans, get them trained, so they can provide for themselves and their families. They sacrificed so that we could live the American Dream, let’s show them the same respect . The following are 7 things we should do for the veterans :

0.Train a veteran.

0.Hire a veteran.

0.Feed a veteran .

0.Clothe a veteran .

0.House a veteran .

0.Give medical and dental benefits to a veteran .

0.Respect a veteran .

Thank you for showing love to our veterans.


Ms. Kim