take a risk

You Have To Step Off The Ledge To Fly

Some have phrased it as, “Insanity is repeating the same pattern and expecting a different result”. Do not get this confused with perseverance. That is something completely different in nature. Some of us are afraid to truly live because we cannot see the outcome. If we were truly honest with ourselves, how many of us would choose routine over happiness? What is the cost of happiness? I think a better question would be to ask the cost of routine. Why are we afraid to sacrifice what we have for what we want? We want to fly but we want to stay away from the ledge. Extraordinary is not found anywhere near predictable or logical. Extraordinary happens when you surpass ordinary. You must roll the dice, if you will. It is not easy because it requires that you do what you are not comfortable with. But what is comfort? Ask yourself what you are truly comfortable with. Some people are comfortable with debt. They may not want it, but they are comfortable with it because they have had it for so long. Some people are comfortable with back pain. Some would say that those are “just a part of life”. They are if you believe them to be. But how ironic is it that we think someone is crazy who dreams of being the first man to walk on Mars. Why is that not a part of life? Will that not happen someday? Why is that harder to grasp than having debt you cannot get rid of? Maybe it is not the call that will kill us, but the ledge itself. The ledge is keeping our feet bound, stopping us from venturing out, seeing where life will take us. Why are we afraid of what we do not know or understand? This life did not come with an instruction manual. That means the only way to truly find out what reality is, is to go find out for yourself.